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Kimochi warui ne

2004-04-18 at 7:22 p.m.

It's that time.


Oh yes.

Fuck. This was a bad one. Bitch from hell. Coming off effexor makes it so much worse. And I did bleed a lot the first day. What a mess. Even when I stand up to fix things and I've just gotten up from the toilet, it's running everywhere. I've got the KEEPER in, it gets too full very quickly on the first day. But it burps when it's full. Like tupperware.

"What's that noise?"

"Oh, that's my cunt. I have a rubber cup in there. It gets full and it burps. Like tupperware."

Hey I don't use lubricant when I'm in a jacuzzi. Or I haven't used lubricant. And once you get going having sex in water, it doesn't seem to matter. I've not had a problem where it hurts at all. You could try lubricant and see how it works, but you may not have to use it. I stay away from old K**Y, just because it makes me worse. Like with my ex, we always used K***Y because I was NEVER wet enough with him (although with the current him it's never a problem). I always ended up drying out because he kept going too long and that hurt. K**Y has other newer better lubricants. I've always heard about a*stro*gli*de and wanted to try it. I heard it's great and I've seen it in a few drugstores. Probably could get it at Longs and Bartell's and Walgreens.

Cramping, by the way, was so bad yesterday. Since I've switched to Gladrags and The Keeper, I've not had as bad a problem with cramps.

Yesterday though. And the mess. Yada. Kimochi warui ne.

Meaning, yuck, that's disgusting isn't it?

Oh yes.

Yes it is.

Come to think of it, being that it's thick, K**Y may be a good choice for the jacuzzi. Dunno. Buy K**Y and As*tro*glide and try them both. Could be fun. I keep forgetting K**Y is water based. That would be a no go. Anything silicone based.

This is the first time I've seen this site:


Tons of choices. Of course, it's a canadian website with a flat rate of $7 shipping. I think it's a canadian site. Because I'm pretty sure in America we're so freaked out about birthcontrol. Look at all the choices for women. I hear the computer thingy is really effective. You add in information and it tells you what days are safe to go unprotected, then which days you go protected. Probably different for women who have irregular cycles. I'd get one if I had to.

The female condom panty looks pretty cool too. Just think. You're out and about. You've already got it on!

Ya got it on to get it on.

If you search around, you can find this stuff for cheaper. has the sponge thingy for $8+ instead of $12+ (on Sunrise shipping is $6.25.'s shipping is $6 or $7. Sunrise has a computer for cheaper too.

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