D - 2004-04-23 17:17:13
ok. hey for the cramps or...w/e theres these vitamin things that i know. really do work. :O:O yes.. its a amazing i know. ok its like u take em like bc and it goes away!... ok doesnt go away .. doesnt hurt.. its called.. ok it just says PMS formula. (by natural factors) *in tv man voice* ok well yeah. hmm. hi! lol ta ta
Petals - 2004-05-01 14:10:07
Updaaatte. :-( i misses you.
*S - 2004-05-08 12:51:38
I agree! Update!
Petals - 2004-05-11 20:15:34
:-( PLEAAAAASE update. please? please? :-(

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