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Fatigue? What?

2004-04-13 at 10:16 a.m.

I'll tell you the weird thing. When I first got sick with the fibromyalgia, I was taking Prozac. 3 weeks into the Prozac, I woke up one day and suddenly I was totally out of it and thought it was the Prozac causing the feeling. I stopped taking it. I was still having problems though. I went back in and they didn't like it that I had stopped the Prozac and put me directly on paxil. I switched doctors, told him I didn't like the paxil because of the way it made me feel if I was off of it for a day, like if I had forgotten it. He put me directly on effexor, and for a time I was on both wellbutrin and effexor. Throughout all of this, I've had this really crushing fatigue that makes me sleep 3 hours in the afternoon, daily.

So then it was just the effexor for over a year. Now that I've stopped the effexor, the crushing fatigue is gone. I still have my joint pain from arthritis. But no fatigue. It might come back, but somehow I doubt it.

Oooo, and I haven't gotten sick today. Yet. Woohoo.

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