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2004-02-26 at 9:16 p.m.

You know that thing where your significant other finds your diary and you just lose all will to write in it?

I like to bitch and I love to talk about sex and all aspects of sex.

And in my last diary there was


And I just don't want to give that up.

Speaking of which, I just shouldn't have non-disposable products like THE KEEPER and GLADRAGS because I just keep dropping them in the toilet. BUT I WON'T GO BACK! NO SIRREEE! I love the Gladrags because THEN my pussy doesn't get irritated and get all rashy and shit.

And the keeper just sucks right in there and stays put. I just used the gladrags this time. And I didn't have the outer panty liner holder thingy on...just the inside liner thingy's and I stood up and the inside liner thingy's dropped right in my dad's toilet. And just sat there. And I scooped them up and was washing them in the sink and heard my dad coming. Great. I balled them up in my hands and walked past him, fast, but not too fast so he wouldn't see the guilty look on my face and then I'd be forced to tell my dad that yes, I dropped my NON DISPOSABLE pad in the toilet and I'm trying to find a baggie to put them in so I can take them home and wash them.


So he didn't pay attention to me walking past him out of the bathroom and I smiled and didn't seem to send off any wierd guilt signals.


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